A truly educated individual continues to learn long after he leaves the classroom because he is motivated from within by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

The Hebrew Academy of Tampa Bay is a private Jewish Day School open to all Jewish families who seek the highest standards in General and traditional Jewish education. We offer a current dual curriculum for children preschool through elementary. As a coeducational institution, the Hebrew Academy provides the same excellent educational opportunities for boys and girls. The Hebrew Academy provides a warm and happy Jewish environment where your child’s unique style of living, learning and developing is valued and nurtured. The Hebrew Academy educates the whole child and our students approach learning with confidence and enthusiasm.
Faculty members are certified and selected for their strong educational backgrounds, teaching abilities and love of working with children. The low student/teacher ratio is remarkable enabling each child to receive individual attention and instruction. This priceless feature is surprisingly affordable at the Hebrew Academy.
Acknowledging our heritage, we endeavor to impart a love and commitment to the Jewish people and Eretz Israel (Land of Israel) and an appreciation of G d’s Torah. As Hebrew is the living language of Eretz Israel, we believe that Hebrew language skills, both spoken and written, are essential components of Jewish education and cultural literacy.
They are also supportive tools for the successful study of Torah and other texts.
In early childhood the seeds of learning, Jewish identity, curiosity and caring are planted. The preschool program spans a period of intense personal, social and academic growth. Our program is experiential, “hands-on” in nature, and seeks as much as possible to individualize instruction. At the elementary level, students develop the ability to question critically, learn openly, and communicate effectively. Weekly physical education, music and art complete a well rounded and balanced program.
Our classrooms are all well-outfitted, warm and inviting. Students use hands-on Montessori tools and manipulatives to strengthen their learning and background. Our school also has a specially designed playground and outdoor equipment created for students to expand their imaginations and curiosity.
Our school is an affiliate of the international Chabad Lubavitch movement that is dedicated to spreading the wonders and rewards of Judaism throughout the globe in a nonjudgmental and inclusive manner.
Nearly a million Jewish children are touched via our schools, institutions, summer camps and extra curricular programs around the world each year. Our centers everywhere serve the needs of all Jews, no matter their level of knowledge, observance or affiliation.