The Hebrew Academy seeks to embody in its students a spirit of dignity and self-worth. All elementary students are expected to dress in a manner that promotes a positive self-image for the student and encourages proper decorum for a learning environment. Students should be dressed neatly, cleanly, modestly, and comfortably, reflecting the high standards of our school.

Primary Class (3 – 6 years old)
· Boys must wear a Kippah or cap to school.
· Uniform is optional.
· A logo burgundy polo shirt should be worn on all field trips and for special events.
Lower & Upper Elementary (Grades 1-3 and 4-8)
· Children must wear a uniform consisting of:
· School Logo shirt (long or short sleeve) White, Light Blue or Burgundy.
· Solid Navy or Grey pants, skirts, and shorts can be purchased at other locations.
· Jumpers and dresses should have the school logo.
· For girls: skirts, dresses or shorts must reach the tip of the fingers when arms are hanging at their side.
· For boys: shorts are acceptable under the same conditions.

All boys must wear a Kippah at all times.

For information on ordering uniform shirts with the school logo, please download our "How to Purchase HA Shirts" document.