The following is the tuition schedule for the school year:

17-18 fee schedule.png

Tuition notes:

  1. School is a ten-month program billed August 15 – May 15th
  2. After school begins, new students enrolling on the 1st - 15th of any month will be required to pay the full month’s tuition at the start. Those enrolling after the 15th of the month will pay one-half month’s tuition at the start.
  3. A 2.5% discount is given to those who pay the full year’s tuition on or before August 1.
  4. A 5% discount will be given to referrals.
  5. A $20 late fee will be added to any account which is not paid in full prior to the 15th of each month, whether you receive a statement or not.
  6. A $20 charge will be added to any account for each check returned by the bank for any reason. Re-payment of the returned check(s) must be made by cash, cashier’s check or money order.
  7. Any inquiries regarding your account should be directed to the Tuition/Billing Office at 963-2317.
  8. If it becomes necessary to withdraw a student from school , a two week notice is required. For withdrawal of any student(s) the parent or responsible party of the account must: (1) complete and sign a withdrawal form, and (2) bring tuition account current.
  9. Fees will be charged at all grade levels for trips that require bus or van transportation.

Financial Aid Program

The program uses defined guidelines to offer grants on an equitable basis to qualified families. It is granted on an annual basis. All applications and financial information are handled with strict confidentiality.